(un)predictable landscape




The kind of ‘landscapes’ that we have come to associate with the child’s imagination contains certain visual components proper of a particular visual culture that has been produced for children. With this proposal is intended that children acknowledge, think and discuss beyond that imagery through practical experiences firstly driven through starting-points such as world|landscape. This way the activities drawn for each session intend to deconstruct some ‘images’ of a common ‘geography’, by extending to other features and dimensions of physical space. Therefore it takes not only to denaturalize ‘images’ that have been inventoried, but also to explore other ‘places’ of the child’s imagination in the very site of drawing.

The proposal will be developed in three sessions of two and a half hours and at each one of these, the starting point will be a given area of space in earth:

Session 1 – focuses on what may exist between the sky and the earth’s surface,

Session 2 – focuses on the surface of the earth,

Session 3 – focuses on everything that may exist beneath the surface of the earth.

Keywords: Landscape, drawing, child’s imagination, sky, surface of the earth, inside the earth, inventiveness, subjectivity, geography.


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